We provide newsletters for landlords to improve relationships with their tenants.

The 3 Step Newsletter Setup Process


Step 1: Customize the Newsletter Design

After you return the newsletter setup form, we create a custom newsletter design that matches your company’s website and branding. You just need to send us:

  • Company Logo
  • Professional Association Logos (Optional)
  • Staff Information
  • Your own article and / or announcements

Step 2: Design Review

We want to be sure you are 100% delighted with the newsletter design. We’ll send you a proof so you and your staff can give input and request changes. We usually get very close with the first design, so normally only one revision is required, but we’ll go through the review process a few times if needed to make sure you’re entirely satisfied.

Step 3: Launch the Newsletter

The launch process varies based on your newsletter package.

If you have a web page newsletter, your webmaster will need to help you integrate it into your website. We’ll work with the webmaster to ensure success.
If you have an email newsletter, we upload your owner and/or tenant lists to the newsletter system. Next, we’ll send them an email to remind them about the newsletter, and electronically confirm their permission to send it. Then, we’ll distribute the newsletter on the next scheduled date.
The email newsletter service also includes a hosted signup form that you can link to your website to allow visitors to sign up.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do the newsletter fees include?

initial setup (this is a one-time fee, unless you request major design changes in the future)
a one-year monthly (12 issues) or quarterly (4 issues) subscription with the option of renewing at the end of that year
content updates for each issue

How do I obtain permission to email owners and tenants?

Email is a permission based marketing tool, regulated by the requirements of the CAN SPAM act. We educate you about the best way to request permission to send email newsletters, ask the people on your list to confirm their permission electronically, and include an unsubscribe link in every issue. We also provide a signup form so that new and / or prospective clients can sign up for your email newsletter list.

Can I send custom content, as well as use the standard article you provide?

Yes. You can send a custom article and/or announcement for each issue. To keep the length of the newsletter reasonable, we recommend the article be less than 300 words.

How long does it take to create the custom newsletter?

The newsletter setup process is a cooperative effort between you and us. If you respond promptly to our requests for company information, then it typically takes less than 15 business days from start to finish. We require all information be provided to us within 30 days of initial purchase. We will distribute your first issue on the first scheduled distribution date after we complete the setup process.